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ThatCymbalShop puts you first. We want the best deal for you, the best-personalized service and of course, the product that fits you. We want to help you find the exact sound you are looking for, be that small piece of sand that helps you on your dream.
The webshop is driven by passionate people who are also drummers, so that you feel right at home when talking about drum gear. No matter what is your request, we will do our best to fullfill your order.
With ThatCymbalShop you are not a number, you are a special person.
Of course, the passion for this webshop is driven by the inspiration of all this. Matt 4:19


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Our Brands


We are constantly adding more brands to our webshop, so if you don't see a product listed, make sure to contact us!


Warrior Drums, REMO, Aquarian, Dream Cymbals, Vic Firth, Ludwig, Istambul Agop, Vater, Roc-N-Soc, Axis, Dixon, SkyGel.

About The Founder of ThatCymbalShop

Not so long ago I hit rock bottom.



I suffered some serious health issues where I had to re-evaluate what I really wanted out of my life.
This led me to a complete change of direction in my life and that's how I decided to pursue my passions, out of a system and out of any (well...) rules.

One of them is music, and therefore I created this webshop with the intention to serve the customer in an excellent manner.


A bit about myself...

 I started drumming when I was 9 years old, I have had several past projects in Argentina as a drummer as well as a guitarist like cover-bands of Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, A7X and a couple of non-successful own written projects. Besides, I have been drum-tech for one of my best friends Nicolas Zamperoni. He is one of the best drummers of Argentina and drummer of Sephiroth. Here I assisted him at gigs, festivals, rehearsals and recording sessions.

Now in Europe, I'm right now busy with a couple of projects, all of these part-time next to my daily business duties in aviation. I, of course, continue studying music, more specifically drums and also enjoy designing projects for a hobby: from guitar pedals, pedalboards, replacement kick, to my own custom-made drumset. 

- CLC Rotterdam, Hillsong Family (drums)

- Salt Light City (drums/manager)

- VLOG (coming soon)




With ThatCymbalShop you are not just a number, you are a special person.